Circle Journal

What is a Circle Journal? A group of people each make a journal, any theme or style. Agree on the size and deside who will send to who each time. Our group desided to set a schedule of every 6 to 8 weeks. So we each sent our journal to our desided person and we each had 6 to 8 weeks to do a 2 page layout according
to that journals theme, style ect. So every 6-8 weeks the journals would change hands again until all the journals made it around the circle to everyone on the group and came back around to it's original owner with the pages filled! Super fun!

This is my Circle Journal that I still don't have back yet! Someday it will be finished going around the group!This needed to be 6 x 6 size pages so I used SU blank chipboard and cut & covered to fit the 6 x 6 page holders. I used some spare extenders and the big brads to hold it all together. It turned out pretty neat considering! LOL

My inside instructions page.

                                                                          Inside Label


Heather's CJ Theme is Music!
How fun is that! We each download our favorite songs on a CD and include it on our pages!

My Pages in Janice's CJ-animal lover!

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