Monet Technique

This technique I called 'Monet' because it reminded me so much of Monet paintings with dots of color rather than brush strokes. The top card was the first class card I did using this technique years ago and then when I saw the Classic Sketches Set, I knew I needed to do it again for my classes.
Ok so for this technique you start with a Glossy Cardstock panel.
Using the Watercolor Crayons, draw zig zags starting at the top working across the panel.
Use the same color family, like blues, greens, ect.
Next use the next color and do the same thing across the panel, coloring firm zig zags.
Contine on, making rows of zig zags alternating colors until the panel is full.
Next use a very wet aqua painter brush to 'dot' with an up and down motion across the zig zags, starting at the top working across.
Be sure to keep the water flowing through the brush so that the zig zags blur.
Let dry and stamp or use as a background! I love this technique and it's so easy!

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