Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Painted Wall Panels

This is a Styrofoam Panel for insulation, they were 8 feet tall by 3 feet wide and I painted 8 of them for a play my son was in. The Jr. High department needed Castle Walls that could be moved for the production of Robinhood! Oh wow were these alot of work but the fabulous thing about them is they still have them and can re-use them for other productions! I was really proud of how these came out! It's my art, just like my cards and I love to paint! I rolled base coats of latex on first to fill the pits and then mixed laytex and acrylics together to get my colors. I did some floating along with some ragging. The blocks were not drawn on first, I tried that but it didn't look right, too uniform for the medieval look the was needed so I just started at the top and worked down using my flat brush to form the blocks! I think I used a couple of Stampin' Up! brushes too. LOL-Thanks for looking!  

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